RSH is headquartered in Houston, Texas. We specialize in providing clients with accurate, cost effective services that include project management, survey support, mapping, drafting, and design services, GIS/data management, engineering, construction inspection, and integrity management capabilities across a variety of platforms in the construction and asset maintenance industries.

Our Company features a team of highly skilled individuals with over 150 years of combined experience providing high quality solutions for a growing number of clients in the renewable energy industry, the civil and commercial engineering sector, as well as all across the oil and gas/midstream forum.

RSH was purchased from RSH Engineering by Oaktree Capital Management in September 2013. Oaktree Capital Management is a $100 billion dollar, publically traded private equity group. RSH and its sister companies are concentrated in the construction industry and serve the Energy, Civil and Municipal sectors.

There are a lot of firms that offer the same services as RSH. So why should you use RSH? Because most companies don’t understand the value of timely and accurate communication on a project. We do.

“Communication is the difference between a project’s success or failure.”

Every project has the possibility of unforeseen issues. Our staff is trained to anticipate those problems and communicate any issues immediately so corrective actions can be coordinately quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we understand that when issues arise, time is of the essence. It’s “all hands on deck” until the issue is resolved. That’s the RSH difference and why our clients keep coming back.