Integrity Management

RSH employees are considered experts in the field of Integrity Management and come from a diverse background of service companies and operators.

  • Our expertise lies in project management and engineering support as it applies to different assessment techniques such as in-line inspection, direct assessment, and hydrotesting.
  • RSH’s Integrity Project Managers provide project support including vendor selection/coordination, piggability studies, site evaluations, report review/audit, and construction oversight.
  • Our Survey Crews provide project support including AGM surveys, tool tracking, and dig staking. Engineering functions include, but are not limited to, integrity management plans, pipeline purge procedures, preventive and mitigation measures (P&MM), audit support and documentation reviews.
  • Construction support includes activities such as craft inspectors, survey (Dig Staking), as-built alignment sheets and customer specific GIS database files.

All employees, as required by PHMSA regulations, are trained and verified to RSH’s OQ Program. We maintain training records in ISNetworld and Veriforce as required by our customers.



  • Line Locating
  • ROW Validation
  • HCA and Class Location Analysis
  • AGM Survey / Pig Tracking
  • Dig Staking
  • Bellhole Survey
  • GIS Deliverables


  • Project/Construction Manager
  • Chief Inspector
  • Utility Inspector
  • Welding Inspector



  • Project Management
  • Piggability Studies
  • Pipeline Safety and Jurisdictional Audits
  • Preventive and Mitigation Measures
  • Integrity Assessment Program Management
  • Encroachments (Re-Routes)
  • Class Changes
  • Line Lowering
  • Launcher/Receiver
  • Pipe Replacements