RSH maintains a professional staff that is proficient in the ArcGIS software suite. ArcGIS is an integral part of many RSH project phases. Our GIS Analysts ensure that all work is meticulously reviewed to ensure that accuracy is not compromised. Large or small, each project requiring GIS expertise is processed with great attention to detail to safeguard against data driven errors.

In addition to investing in accomplished GIS Analysts, RSH has invested in software to ensure that we can provide two vital roles that seamlessly integrate into our customer’s project and data management teams. First, RSH invested in BSD Consulting, Inc.’s (Blue Sky) software tools. Blue Sky is the industry standard in alignment sheet generation and data management software. Our GIS Analysts are proficient with Blue Sky software tools and when combined with RSH Energy’s high quality survey data, allows us to deliver premier grade permits, plats and alignment sheets faster and of higher quality than our competition. Second, RSH’s knowledge of pipeline database models such as PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard), and APDM (ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model), gives us the ability to provide customer specific electronic files in different formats.

Additionally, RSH can develop, populate and manage fully functioning databases on behalf of our clients. A verifiable, accurate and complete pipeline GIS database is vital to the implementation and execution of an operator’s Integrity Management Plan (IMP). A complete database allows the operator to comply with regulations, supports PHMSA audits, and ultimately ensures the safety of the public. RSH has the expertise to assist our clients with their pipeline data and data models to ensure accurate decisions are made, maintaining the integrity of their pipeline assets.

GIS Software Support